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What are the benefits of fiber laser cutting machine - features & applications
Fiber laser is already well-received on the market due to their excellent advantages of decent beam strength and strong conversion performance. Currently, the fiber laser proportion in the automotive sector is nearly 50%, and is often a sort of active option for consumers in many industrial applications. In comparison to conventional gas and solid-state lasers, fiber lasers have great advantages as light sources for frequency transfer. In this article we will discuss the characteristics and benefits of the laser fiber cutting system, and the implementations and uses of the laser fiber cutting machine.

What are the fiber laser cutting machines applications?
Laser cutters are used for sheet metal, aviation, aerospace, electronic, electrical appliances, metro, automotive, grain machinery, textile, technical equipment, precision accessories, ships, metallurgical equipment, lifts, household appliances, crafts, tool processing, decoration, advertising, metalworking, kitchenware and other purposes.

Laser fiber cutting materials: stainless steel, carbon steel, alloy steel, quartz steel, spring steel, CNC machining aluminum, alloy alloy, galvanized board, galvanized sheet, beading sheet, bronze, silver, gold, titanium and other piping sheet.

What is a laser cutting machine for fiber?
Fiber laser cutting machine is a modern kind of machine in the world used to produce high-energy laser beam density. The laser beam is focused on the surface of the workpiece to melt and evaporate immediately the region of the ultraline focus of the workpiece and pass into the CNC mechanical device. Automatic cutting through location illumination. It offers clear advantages over vast volumes of gas laser and solid-state laser and is increasingly becoming a major option in high-precision laser manufacturing, lidar systems, space-technology, laser medicine and other areas.

The laser fiber optic cutting unit with smooth and smooth edges can be used both for flat and oblique cutting. It is ideal for high accuracy metal plate cutting. The manipulator will simultaneously substitute the initial three-dimensional laser 5 axis machining. It saves more room and gas usage compared with a popular CO2 laser cutting machine and has a good photoelectric conversion rate. It is a new innovation for energy efficiency and environmental conservation and one of the world's leading products in manufacturing.

CNC Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Features
The CNC laser cutting machine's optical power transfer performance is good and the conversion efficiency is over 30%. The low fiber laser does not need to be fitted with a cooler that saves energy in operation significantly, reduces operating costs and achieves maximum output performance.

When the laser cutting system works, it uses just electric energy and does not have to produce extra laser gas, so operating and repair costs are the lowest.

The laser cutting unit adopts the modularization of semiconductors and redundancy. The resonator has no optical lens and no start-up period. It has adjustable, maintenance-free and strong stability advantages. They reduce the expense of accessories and repairs, which conventional lasers can not equal.

The fiber laser cutter's level of production is fine, its power density is strong, it is conducive for metal material absorption, it has outstanding cutting and welding performance and its manufacturing cost is the lowest.

The entire machine's optical transmission would not require sophisticated light guidance systems, such as a mirror. The optical device is simple, reliable and free of maintenance.

The cutting head incorporates defensive lens, so the consumption of costly consumables is very limited, for example the focusing lens.

Light is created by optical fibre, which makes it very simple and easy to incorporate mechanical device design with the robot or the multi-dimensional workbench.

As the laser is added to the shutter, several computers, fiber optics, multiple channels operate together, easy to extend functionality, quick to update and easy to use.

The laser cutting machine with fibers has the advantages of small scale, light weight, moving location and small space.

What are Fiber Laser Cutting Machine's advantages?
Structure flexible and lightweight volume: The vibration or temperature adjustment should not change the CNC fiber laser cutting system. The framework is compacter, lightweight and easier to transport. Because of its volume and shape benefits, the laser will help satisfy the needs of various occasions.

The working fiber laser band is much more versatile and controllable than that of a solid-state laser band because the spectrum can be easily adjusted to focus energy onto one or more spectral lines and the spectrum form and envelope are flexible and controllable

More efficient switching: fibre laser integration is comparatively strong, and wavelength, polarization and phase modulation can be adjusted and regulated in order to perform various functions

Continuous wave mode: using a wave fiber laser as a pump source, the system's operating life can be improved and the laser performance is constant.

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