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Full Version: What is the excavator quick connector?
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Excavator quick connector is a brand new product.

A quick change joint or quick connection head is another name for an excavator fast connector. The quick connector allows you to quickly install and switch various configuration parts on your excavator, allowing you to expand the excavator's use range, save time, and increase productivity.

The Tilting Quick Coupler is a more advanced Quick Coupler that tilts. Aside from quickly attaching and switching various configurations on the excavator (bucket, ripper, breaker, hydraulic shear, and so on), It's also capable of 180 degrees of rotation. By rotating left and right, the operator can more precisely position the accessories without having to reposition the machine. As a result, overall productivity and versatility will increase.

The fast connector's overall structure is straightforward. The general fast connector head has a support body, which is a card block that can provide power for work and is easy to move. A cylinder for oil is also present. High-speed connections, on the other hand, rely on hydraulic cylinders, as well as pins and other components. The fast joint production process is not simple, and it necessitates not only blanking, but also passing through the car, drill, grinding, and other ninety-one difficult steps, in addition to sandblasting and other industries. However, with that level of professionalism and dedication, good results can be achieved. Large, seemingly unwieldy machines can be driven quickly with high-speed connectors, making them more flexible and efficient to operate. Accessories such as hydraulic pipe quick couplings and excavator Quick Hitch coupler are referred to as quick hitch coupler.

[Image: Tilt-Quick-Coupler-5-2048x1536.jpg]

Characteristics of quick connectors for excavators

1. high-strength materials; suitable for all types of aircraft weighing between 3 and 80 tons.

2. to ensure safety, the use of a liquid control check valve safety device.

3. The excavator configuration parts can be replaced without refitting or dismantling the pin shaft, allowing for a quick installation and increased work efficiency.

4. The bucket pin between the crushing hammer and the bucket does not need to be smashed, and the exchange between the bucket and the crushing hammer can be completed by gently moving the switch for ten seconds, saving time and effort and making the process simple and convenient.

5. It is primarily used in workplaces where the excavator's front-end working device must be replaced on a regular basis. It is not necessary to install a device as far as possible in order to use it for a long time.