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The light diffusion material of LED lights is like this
Materials that can convert point and line light sources into line and surface light sources are known as light diffusion materials. The purpose of this sort of material is to make the light source less brilliant to the naked eye through refraction, reflection, and dispersion. Take a look at some of the most prevalent light diffusion materials used in LEDs.

Getting ready

Polymerization and blending modification are the most common procedures for preparing light diffusion materials today.

1. The polymerization procedure

Selecting two polymer monomers with a specified difference in refractive index and poor compatibility, or utilizing segmented polymerization to further manufacture light-scattering light diffusion materials, is based on the idea of light refraction. Polymerization produces two monomers with varying reactivity. The scatterer monomer is self-polymerized or copolymerized with the matrix monomer block because the reactivity of the scatterer monomer and the monomer producing the matrix are not the same. Light is reflected and refracted at the border of the condensed nuclei, generating scattering, because the optical characteristics of the condensed nuclei generated in the respective polymer chains are uniform. In the production of PMMA-based light diffusion materials, the polymerization process is frequently utilized.

2. Method of blending modification

A light diffusing agent is added to the resin as a blending modification approach. To generate a sea-island structure, the light diffusing agent is spherical and uniformly disseminated in the clear resin. The light diffusing agent's surface is specularly reflected due to the difference in refractive index between the resin and the light diffusing agent. Multiple reflections are used to generate the light diffusing effect. At the same time, the optical properties of the material are determined by the amount of light diffusing agent supplied, particle size and distribution, and refractive index.

Because this method is similar to polymer doping and the technique is straightforward, many light diffusion materials are currently manufactured using this method, especially when the amount of light diffusion sheet is quite high (for example: acrylic diffuser sheet for led,) This approach allows for excellent production efficiency and continuous output.

Three, there are prerequisites for performance.

The following are the specifications for typical LED light diffusion materials:
No glare, no light and shadow, strong light transmission, high diffusion
The light source can be hidden more effectively.
Processability, dimensional stability, weather resistance, and heat resistance are all positive attributes.
At the same time, it is flame retardant and has a high impact strength.
The light transmittance is greater than 80%.
LED light for diffusion

Light diffusion materials' characteristics

The benefit of light diffusion material is that it increases the product's light dispersion rate and haze while maintaining high light transmittance. The diffusion plate's purpose ensures that the entire surface of the board emits consistent light without creating a dark spot. PC light diffusers, PMMA light diffusers, and PS light diffusers are the three types of light diffusers available today. PMMA, on the other hand, is not scratch resistant, while PS is heat and flame resistant. PC materials are currently being used more in LED lampshades.
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