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FIFA 21 Meta 442 Custom Aggressive Attacking Tactics & Instructions
If you want to reach elite rank in FUT champions and your rival is carrying the ball and you want to push, you'll need a formation to do so. The 442 is a great option for you.

442 Aggressive Attacking Tactics Customized 
*defensive type
There are two choices for the defense form. We encourage gold players with good balance to put pressure on hard touches and just click off place loss for elite plus players. This one is widely used, but it isn't particularly efficient. Since the characters are prone to straying from their assigned roles. So it's best to apply pressure on hard touches and then push if you want; else, if you apply pressure after a possession loss, you'll run out any time and a successful player will count on you. As a result, you must be capable of retaliating. Balanced is also a nice option, and if you're new to this, team press may be used in the game.
*protective width
We've expanded the defensive width from four to six players. When defending, we ought to protect as much of the pitch as possible, so a larger width is a debatable choice. As a result, make sure you have a large enough width to click. And you have a very short and lightweight width and your competitor has a very broad width.
*depth on defense
We've expanded the defensive depth to seven, and you can choose between gold one and elite. You should try number seven if you prefer target three to gold six. However, in fact, five is necessary. And it's an automatic offside trap at number seven. While the game progresses, the defensive line attempts to execute runs. This is perfect if you're a decent match, but a number of lower-level players struggle with correct stick switching. To have someone at the center back who is either fast or may minimize the depth a little.
*aggressive approach
When it comes to an aggressive look, Choose between a balanced ball and a long ball. If you don't want to hurry, balanced is an excellent option. When it comes to the deep ball, if you want to encourage playmaking plays in the backfield, the long ball will benefit. Some matches, on the other hand, tend to build up slowly and methodically. As a result, you could choose a more holistic approach.
*width that is aggressive
We choose five for width, and keep in mind that the 442 is already a broad formation when attacking, so do you really need to go even wider? It's debatable, but five is a decent mix because your defenders and two forwards, CDMs are far apart enough that you can distribute the ball between them, but also because your left mid and right mid are large enough to occupy your opponent's left-back and right-back, respectively.
*in the box* players
If you don't want to cross the ball, reduce the number of players in the box to four. There's no reason to move any further. The rules will be used to make players enter the box.
*free throws and corner kicks
It's all on one, and we don't recommend jumping much further because there's a good chance you'll be counterattacked if you move too far. As a result, keep things at a reasonable level. Keep FIFA 22 Coins on one so you don't have to deal with counterattacks.

442 Custom Aggressive Attacking Instructions *keep all strikers in the center of the field
Since you never want the right striker to go towards the right-winger, all strikers should be in the middle. If you want him to bolt in a different direction every now and then, you can still initiate FUT 21 Coins manually. Two attackers should remain in the center, while the left and right midfielders should move down the wings. Don't line up the strikers in a vertical straight line, but rather in parallel sections. You should do that; it makes the build-up play a little simpler, particularly if your opponent is using two CDMs to hold back when attacking.

*both on offense and safety, the left and right midfielders
You should leave them on balance when it comes to the actual chance formation. Some people like to use them for large stays. However, leaving them balanced is fine; if these guys are too wide, you can still use hug the sidelines. When it comes to a cut within and free roam, the issue is that they either do nothing or do not come in when they are supposed to. Even when the colleagues are there, they are not as intellectual. We're going to leave this unbalanced so you can manipulate them if you'd like.
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