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WOI MORTAL. War of the Immortals Private Server - JOIN US!
Join us in WOI Mortal!

Heard of battle of the immortals? A sequence to that is War of the Immortals (WOI).

WOI is a 2.5D mmorpg with 9 classes, good storyline, along with plenty of amazing pets, fashions, upgrades and unique double class switchable during fights!
With continuous updates from us, there are many new gears, skills, bosses, pets and mass pvp and pve events waiting for you!

WOI Mortal is the longest lasting WOI private server since 2016 with 200 over daily active players, with ages ranging from 16 to 60 years old.

In WOI Mortal, there are caring players community and GMs that will help you with guidance, requests and tickets support!

Free to play, fast to progress! Offering you FREE hourly 3500 zen (game currency) per account, up to 2 accounts while you stay online!
That's 5,000,000 zen a month for your spending spree and opening boxes for rare items that you can do in-game vending if you stay online like many players do!

Be a pet collectors over 100+ pets, fashion collectors, try variety of gear and skill builds to dominate battle royal over alliances and legions!
Easy to learn and catch up!

[Image: Players.png]

Truly a relaxing game that you can play from young till old ~
The hidden gem game that you will get addicted to and experiences that you will never forget ~
Once you got in to play, you will always stay and return to play ~

Join us in WOI Mortal!
Do check out the live recorded game of active player base and showcasing of variety awesome looking pets and fashions

Give it a try! Smile

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