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There are far better ways to make money than runecrafting
Stronger profitable from the Grand Exchange comes in RS gold selling raw material (raw fish, ore, coal, bars) since lots of men and women want to purchase raw stuff to quickly level up their abilities (they understand they will lose money but profit fast skills XP). You can market 100.6 million gp of mithril bars to purchase a Santa Hat, but by selling mithril full places to the Grand Exchange to purchase a Santa Hat, you would have had 353.1 million gp of mithril bars to make 100.6 million gp of mithril total collections (a gigantic money-losing proposition).

While smithing can make you money if you use it to smelt metal bars, smithing loses you money should you apply the skill for hammer and anvil metallic processing. It's not by inherently having level 74 smithing (like Salmoneus) which you are able to get a Santa Hat. Raw food typically sells for more cash on the Grand Exchange than cooked food. Individuals who don't want to fish but that want to quickly raise their cooking level will knowingly get rid of money buy buying raw fish, cooking the fish to get fast cooking XP, and also selling the cooked (less gp) fish back into the Grand Exchange.

A fantastic thing to do is to fish, sell raws into the Grand Exchange. Maintain you cooking level . And if you need food to prepare your combatfish, sell the uncooked fish into the Grand Exchange and purchase cooked fish. You have the cooked fish to eat and at precisely the same time end up with more cash if you do it like that. Again, if you would like a Santa Hat, a much better idea is to maintain your cooking level at 4, and promote raws. Cooking only loses money. Another person who posted suggested runecrafting for good money. But don't bother with this, runecrafting is a completely useless skill. There are far better ways to make money than runecrafting.

Someone suggested cows south of Falador for if you would like to train your combat (melee, range), because it's near a lender. However, the cow field from the north of Lumbridge (that has Beefy Bill) is a much better spot. You give 10 raw beef to Beefy Bill and he will place 9 into your bank (he chooses 1), give him 10 cowhides and he'll put 9 into your lender (he takes 1 cowhide for themself ). This is buy RuneScape gold a good location for low-level battle training, because Beefy Bill is standing directly in the cow field, thus saving you the trouble of conducting far to bank your raw beef and cowhides. And if you want prayer experience, then bury the bones while you're training your battle.

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