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Forum Announcement: MMO Forum Rules

MMO Forum Rules
Please read and follow these rules. Any user who breaks one or more of the rules below can and will be punished and/or banned.

1. No spamming.

Do not post off-topic material, and do not post multiple times in a row.

2. No advertising other websites or products.

You may include ONE personal link to your own social media profile in your signature. NO websites.

3. No excessive swearing.

Do not go overboard with language.

4. No inappropriate content.

Do not post offensive or adult content. 

5. No plagiarism.

Do not post somebody else's content claiming it is your own.

6. Do not argue with staff members.

If you have a problem with a moderator, PM an admin about it.

7. No excessive trolling or flaming.

Do not go overboard with insults / trolling.

8. Do not bump old threads.

Start a new topic or PM a staff member instead.

9. Do not promote illegal activity.

No links to pirated games/software and illegal websites

10. No personal information of yourself or others.

Do not post addresses or phone numbers. Period.

Signatures are limited to ONE image with a width no larger than 200 pixels and a height no larger than 100 pixels.

If you would like to report a user for breaking one of the above rules, simply PM a staff member. False reports are punishable.